Why Walk In Bathtubs Make Baths Enjoyable

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How Walk In Bathtubs Make Bath Time a Luxurious Experience

top walk in bathsThe main reason why homeowners have chosen to invest in a walk in bathtub is because they turn bath time into a luxury experience. A  walk-in bathtub also comes with numerous health benefits. Let’s look at some of these benefits and see why you also need to invest in one.

First of all, walk in bathtubs come fitted with super strong air jets. These jets emit bursts of water giving you a desired massage that stimulates the deep tissues in your body and enhance blood circulation. The jets are strategically placed inside the tub to give you a targeted and effective massage.

The walk in bath tub can also be personalized to suit your needs. For instance, you can control the kind of pressure released by the air jets. Most tubs available in the market are vibrant and customizable so you will not be forced into a single product.

The other advantage of a walk in bathtub is that you can easily manage the temperature level. The tubs come with unique controls so that you can stay warm throughout the period of the bath. You can stay in the tub for as long as you wish without temperatures going to extremes.

Walk In Bathtubs Health Benefits

Whirlpool jets are known to ease muscle and joint pain and enhance sleep. People who suffer from insomnia or snoring can get a more relaxing sleep after having a bath in a walk-in bath tub. The whirlpool massage induces sleep because it promotes proper blood circulation.

Modern walk in bathtubs are also safer than the standard tub. They come with easy to access controls and handrails together with slip resistant floors, all of which enhance safety and reduce the risks of slips and falls. Adults who have mobility problems and need a more relaxing bath time can invest in whirlpool bath tubs with such special features.

To conclude, walk-in bath tubs offer heat, buoyancy and massage which creates a more relaxing and soothing experience during bath time. Buoyancy of water tends to reduce body weight which helps to relieve any pressure on the joints and muscles. The sensation of weightlessness also helps you to relax better.

The heat in a walk in bathtub raises your body temperature causing the blood vessels to dilate and boost circulation. Endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain killers are released in the process. These are just a few facts that make walk-in bathtubs an investment which boosts the quality of your life.  Please visit American Tubs – Walk In Bathtubs for more information.